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This portfolio is an attempt to show how easy it is to fake an online persona. I have represented others' work as my own, and encourage the reader to try and distinguish between what is mine and what belongs to someone else. If you do some research, it should be easy. But most people don't research the posts they see on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc. The endless scrolling featured on a lot of modern sites encourages thoughtless consumption. Why look deeper when something more interesting could just be a swipe away? If you want to see what work is actually mine, you can view my real portfolio here. Click here for links to the original authors of the work I stole. If you want to read more about me and my personal motivation for the project, hop on over here.

Unsecurity Camera
unsecurity camera
Ferroelectric Polycrystal
ferroelectric simulation
White Night
white night
Ontology of Race
ontology of race
Reflective face mask
surveilance blocker
Three Body Review
three body problem
deanonymizing yik yak